First Aid Blanket That Could Help Anyone Save A Life



First Aid Blanket targets the revival of drowning victims. It is placed at areas where drowning accidents often occur, and guides rescuers in the correct methods for first aid treatment.


First Aid Blanket indicates the correct way to attempt revival of a drowning victim with printed pictorial instructions. The diagrams correspond with the position of the various parts of the body when the victim is laid down on the blanket. It makes the delivery of first aid by non-trained rescuers a possibility.


First Aid Blanket offers guidance for every condition that a drowning victim may be in – with or without signs of life.


According to statistics, about 60 per cent of drowning could be prevented with timely first aid, and about 80 per cent of citizens in China do not master first aid skills.


Therefore,First Aid Blanket is a feasible and efficient way to make every rescuer ‘skilled’. In addition, it can provide confidence to the inexperienced rescuer, which also plays an important role in a successful rescue.