Girl Found Frozen For 500 Years Looks Well Preserved & Alive



Her hair, skin and clothes are all perfectly in tact. Her eyes are closed as if she’s only asleep. But the truth about this young girl is that she hasn’t been alive for hundreds of years—and the story of her death is as shocking as it is tragic.

The Maiden

In this lab environment, she looks like she’s simply fallen asleep in the wrong place and time. In fact, she looks about five hundred years out of place—because she is. The Llullaillaco Maiden might not look it, but she’s dead, and the circumstances of her death are as bizarre as they are terrible.


Frozen for Centuries

The Maiden, who was somewhere around the age of 13 when she died, was found in 1999 with two other mummified Incan children, frozen high in the mountains. It’s believed that the Maiden froze to death—but it was no accident.


Child Sacrifices

The Maiden was the centerpiece of an Incan child sacrifice, orcapacocha. She was taken from a poor farming family and groomed as a gift for the Incan gods for over a year before her eventual death.


Drunken Rituals

“She was probably involved in a series of rituals, involving consumption of coca and alcohol, in the build-up to her sacrifice, which kept consumption at a steady level,” Andrew Wilson from University of Bradford told National Geographic.



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