Gorgeous 1965 Shelby Cobra



Factory Five Racing has long been applauded for their great fiberglass work, and this Cobra is no exception.

text/images credit: RK Motors Charlotte


The car’s virtually flawless profile, showcasing the typically tight tolerances that have become a Factory Five hallmark, lays excellent groundwork for a wet looking coat of glossy orange 2-stage.


Since orange is always best when mixed with something else, the car’s slick profile was detailed with muted white stripes.


Under the hood you’ll find a 347 cubic inch Ford stroker motor that utilizes a cast SCAT crank, forged SCAT rods, Keith Black hypereutectic pistons and a custom-grind hydraulic roller cam to churn big horsepower into ample torque.


Inside, lightweight Kirkey seats stretch tight leather hides under heavy-duty safety harnesses. In front of those seats, a super clean dash founds reliable Auto Meter Pro Comp Ultra Lite telemetry between a 12-volt outlet.

Below that dash, custom Loop Carpet anchors a North Racecars e-brake and Pro-5.0 shifter between a custom-dropped foot box and piped Factory Five floor mats.

VIARK Motors Charlotte