Guy Exposes Gold Diggers With His Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron!



Ever think about how simple it must be to get ladies with a super auto next to you? Owning one lets everybody around you know you’ve clearly got some cash and let’s be honest: a great deal of ladies have a tendency to go for cash.

Picking Up Girls In A “Bugatti Veyron”

These folks chose to acquire a companion’s Bugatti Veyron and film one of them attempting to request that a few ladies get a nibble to eat. Every one of the ladies seem intrigued however just the length of the auto really fits in with the gentleman asking them out.

After they consent to go out to eat with him he demonstrates to them his genuine ride (a run of the mill white vehicle) and they all of a sudden all think or the like of reason – demonstrating that a large number of these ladies are just keen on somebody with swole pockets. With the exception of the fair lady toward the end!