Guy Gets Stabbed In The Head With Knife



A 19-year old male can be seen striding into the outlet then suddenly he rams a knife down into the mans skull. The estate agent doesn’t seem to react and doesn’t notice what has happened until a few seconds later, when he reaches up to his head and feels the blade.

For most of us a bad day at work is when your boss is being an arse, there’s no milk in the fridge or a client calls you 10-minutes before close of play. Difficult to take, I know, but spare a thought for this poor guy who was shit out of luck.

This poor bloke manning the reception desk at an estate agents got a knife to the head in a bizarre attack. Unbelievably, he was unphased by the attack which pretty much proves he moonlights as some kind of street-fighting vigilante! The remarkable incident was captured on the in-house CCTV camera.

via youtube