Half-Dog Half-Man Creature Filmed with Pack of Wild Dogs In South Africa



Residents of Limpopo, an area in the northern most province of South Africa have reported several sightings of a mystery half-human half-dog creature, which has terrified locals and sparked a hunt for the creature.

In what looked like an unbelievable development, an animal which looked like half human and half dog has been sighted in South Africa. In the footage, the animal is seen racing down a track with two other animals as it is being caught on camera. Although the camera took the images from afar, a closer look shows the animal a bit properly.

For Centuries legends of werewolves and dogmen have haunted our imagination with the wonder of the reality of such creatures until now.. This footage clearly show the DOGMAN out with a pack of wild dogs roaming around without a care in the world.


A video making the rounds this week out of South Africa shows what clearly looks like a half-man, half-dog running in all fours among a pack of dogs that appear to be all-dog. Is Dogman on a holiday?