Here is Why a Himalayan Salt Lamp is One of The Greatest Things You Can Own!



Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from pure, edible crystals of salt that come from the Himalayan Mountain Range. The salt is collected by specialists who then create different shapes and insert a light bulb inside.

Himalayan sat is a powerhouse of Negative Ions, if you never heard of Negative Ions, ill explain about it in a minute but Negative Ions are extremely beneficial for your health.


Himalayan Salt Lamps attract a lot of moisture to them and if you’ll turn these off you’ll notice that they look like they are sweating, there is a lot of moisture on them.


But when you turn the Himalayan Salt Lamp “on”, the heat from the light bulb will cause all that moisture to evaporate into the air and then all the air will be filled with all these Negative Ion particles which go through our system, because we breathe it and these Negative Ion Particles are going to tremendously change your health.

It has worked for me, and it worked for many other people who got them and had them for years.


Being around these salt lamps for such a long time, I’ve noticed a lot of things first of all, I sleep much better, I have one right by my bed and it is always on.


Now if you are sensitive to light while you sleep, just keep it on throughout the day and right before bed time, turn it off. The air in the room will still be filled with those Negative Ions which you’ll breathe throughout the night, even if the light is off.

SOURCEThe Hair Healer