Houston Texans Cheerleaders Pull A Showstopper Freestyle Friday Routine



It appears like we get the chance to be a fly on the mass of sorts at this Freestyle Friday locker room move party. The Houston Texans Cheerleaders, known as HTC put on one hell of an off the cuff appear. Every one of them are simple on the eyes, and the way they move could have been portrayed by some as, “the best thing ever”. OK, so that is only my conclusion, yet watch the video and I am certain you will agree.

Houston Texans Cheerleaders FREESTYLE

Towards the end, Vanilla Ice himself shows up. He is a considerable measure shyer in individual than he was in the 90s. Something about those one hit ponders, they are dependably more held out in the open, than the individuals who wrench out many albums. In addition, he has his own home change demonstrate now. Also, regardless he gets an eminence from his mark hit, so life is surely not awful for Vanilla. Notice the #GoNinjaGo, in the standard at the base of the screen. There are two or three different presents too.