How Cancer is Mostly Caused by The Intake of Acidic Food



Cancer has gripped the world with epic proportions. The irony of living in a time when medical science has never been more advanced and the soaring rates of cancer seem like a contradiction, yet it is all too true.If advancements in medical science mean we have a better understanding of all diseases and how to treat them, then where are we failing when in comes to cancer? The answer lies in our food.

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Despite most of the world having access to the best healthcare, there is another huge problem, the elephant in the room that won’t go away. We are fatter, and eat worse food than we ever have done. It is this that is making us sick.

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Most people don’t think, or want to think about getting sick, and will ignore it until it happens. Likewise many people know they should be eating a healthy diet but are always too distracted, too tired to pay attention to what their body really needs. I’ll start tomorrow, sound familiar?

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But those bad foods that we know we should avoid but always end up going back to really are killing us. We now have the first generation whose life expectancy is worse than their parents.


Eating junk food keeps the body in an acidic state, this is a breeding ground for many diseases but cancer cells in particular thrive in this kind of environment. Fast food, processed meats, cakes, cookies all of these things are literally creating the perfect environment for cancer to thrive in your body.

 Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the pH balance and how the body regulates it.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is the only way to combat this and to change the state of your body from acidic, to an alkaline. Free radicals that cause havoc in your cells, damaging them and creating tumors cannot survive in an alkaline state.It seems so simple and yet the whole world seems to be failing at it.


Don’t leave it too late to stop eating processed foods, start today. Your body will thank you in the future.