How China Makes Artificial Eggs & How to Identify Fake Eggs



Chinese workers have been able to replicate chicken eggs to a surprising degree of detail. The shell is made of shaped calcium carbonate, reported the Beijing Media Network.


Other ingredients include starch, resin, and cellulose coagulants for the egg white, and edible pigment additives for the yolk.


The colors and shapes are similar with only slight differences, and once cracked, even the separate artificial whites and yolks can be convincing.


Together with calcium chloride to form egg mixture into the mold to produce the egg membrane. Egg shell is made of paraffin wax, gypsum powder, calcium carbonate and other materials.


Stories of fake or contaminated foods are pretty common in the news in China, but don’t mistake common in the news for common in society.

How to identify fake eggs from natural eggs.

1. The normal egg shell will be less shiner than the fake egg shell which can be noticed

2.The fake egg when touched will be rougher than the noraml egg

3. if you shake the fake egg you will hear noises beacause of water flowing from solid substance.

4. The yolk part of fake eg will spread out without being touched during frying it and its also an indication and normal egg will not .

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