How This Tattooed Bodybuilder Jens ‘The Beast’ Turned His Life Around After Four Years In Prison



Jens ‘The Beast’ Dalsgaard is living proof that no matter how bad things get in life, you can always find your true passion and turn it all around.


At 24 years old, Jens Dalsgaard lost his beloved mother to multiple sclerosis and found his life spiralling out of control. He became involved with a local gang and after just a few months, found himself in court. He lost the next four years.

“I lost myself and ended up in prison. But when I was in jail, I was offered some cognitive behavioural therapy.”

That period in his life changed everything. Upon his release from prison three years ago, Jens decided he would focus on bodybuilding.

He’s now known as ‘The Beast’, weighs 20 stone, has a 56-inch chest, boasts 40 tattoos across his face and body and consumes no less than 5500 calories every single day. He has an army of followers on Instagram and runs his own online coaching service with clients across the world hoping to emulate his bodybuilding success.

“I am so blessed to have so many amazing fans. I get a lot of fan mail and messages and I do my very best to get back to everyone,” he told the Daily Mail.

The great big Dane is now 31 years old and things have never been better. His girlfriend Frederikke helps him with his food preparation and though she’s into keeping fit, she’s not on quite the same level as Jens.



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