How To Make An Amazing Grass Day Bed Out Of Wood Pallets



Jason Hodges has a neat idea that shows that even in the barest space you can still have a grassy bed, perfect for a backyard picnic or a an afternoon nap.


If you’ve got a bare spot in your backyard, Jason Hodges has a solution that is perfect for a backyard picnic or an afternoon nap,a daybed made from grass!


The DIY garden guru starts by building out the frame using wood pallets and a slatted headboard. He then covers the base with geofabric before filling it with dirt and fertilizer.


He presses down on the soil before rolling out a layer of soft green sod on top, creating the bed’s ultra-comfy “mattress”.


Even you just have a concrete and bare outdoor space, with creativity and some simple materials, you can still enjoy the luxury of a lawn.

The design of this simple construction project is totally clever, modern, simple and it would look great just about anywhere.

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