How To Open A Lock In A Few Seconds A Couple Of Nut Wrenches



Security is one of the biggest topics you can talk about today; from personal security to security over the net, it’s all part of a vastly important question – how do we keep our things secure?

Unfortunately, the world just isn’t the utopia we hope it one day will be yet; so in the meantime we have to find new and better ways to ensure our things remain in our possession when we’re not directly around.

How to open a lock with a nut wrench

Well thanks to YouTuber MrGear releasing this video, I know I’ll never purchase a check lock again! While I understand there should be a way to open a lock if you lose the key, you should be forced to get a pair of bolt cutters to do so. Instead he manages to open the lock within seconds using only a couple nut wrenches, it’s crazy!