How to Open a Sentry Safe in Less Than 5 Seconds !!!!



Do you own a Sentry safe? Then it might interest you—even shock you, some might say—to know that some models can be opened in less than five seconds. This method involves no damage to the safe and if you do it correctly, will leave no signs that you were even there at all. It doesn’t take a locksmith with decades of experience either, all you need is a magnet.

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“Different types of magnets will open up most hotel rooms, most inexpensive safes, and most apartments,” said locksmith Terry Whin-Yates, who proceeds to demonstrate by placing the magnet on the safe, giving it a good wiggle, and then opening the locked compartment.

Open Sentry Safe

It should be noted that this kind of Sentry safe is designed specifically to protect against fire damage, not burglars with rare earth magnets in socks. Other safes, including most gun safes on the market, cannot be opened using this method. So before you start scrambling to put your guns in a safer place, you should probably consult a locksmith first.

We also, of course, do not encourage you to try this method on anyone else’s safe.