How To Turn A Shower Curtain Into A Piece Of Art!



Kati loves to finish and is a DIY fan. She needed to figure out how to fill a huge space in her lounge room with a bit of work of art. Fine art can be inconceivably costly, so she discovered a shower drapery that she totally began to look all starry eyed at the design.

How to turn a Shower Curtain into a piece of art! Special guest appearance from our “kids” Winston, Baby Bear & Fancy Pants!

How to Create Shower Curtain Art

Items to make your own would incorporate a shower window ornament (or any extensive bit of fabric), 2 bits of wood, 2″ x 1 ” x 70″, for the top and base, 4 bits of wood, 2 ” x 1 ” x 68 ” for the sides and the center and a few nails and screws.(