Hungry Lions Ambush The Wildebeest In Front Of Touring Cars



Any wild animal enthusiast must have watched animals such as lions, leopard and cheetah in the wild on television. One might do this but all the while they might be longing for the one opportunity when they will be able to embark on an African safari and watch for themselves the joy and intrigue involving a wild animal fight.


Embarking on such as safari demands that one should get the best video camera for wildlife filming. With such a camera one can easily be able to catch the lion ambush at a wildebeest crossing. Through the eye of the camera, one can see the hunger that is in the lion, the patience they take in selecting their prey, their agility as they pounce on the hopeless wildebeest.

The lioness seems to be less adventurous by going for smaller prey. It makes up for its lack of ferocity in going for the larger wildebeest by killing multiple animals.The lion on the other hand, the king of the savanna is mercurial in it attack.

Without warning, it swiftly pounces on a large wildebeest’s neck, catching it off guard and wrestling it to the ground. Taking this animal fight video right from the safety of your car beats watching a wildlife video in a living room a thousand miles from where the actual action is taking place. Watching this lion ambush can actually drive one to get on the first plane to Africa for an African safari.