Incredible Gold Chrome Camaro.Hell Yes….



We have seen so many bizarre looking cars. There are cars sitting on huge tires, cars with insane modifications and some cars with insane body paints that will surely catch everyone’s attention. In this video, we are about to see an insane looking Camaro, a gold chrome Camaro that outshines every car at Tampa Bay.

Incredible Gold Camaro

I headed out to Tampa Bay on a Thursday to visit a few shops and while there I dropped by 813 Customs. Randy from Riding Clean was there, and we all got a sneak peak at this whip before anyone else. My bad I didn’t get any interior shots for this clip, that’s because I couldn’t get close to it. There was a large crowd around it the whole time. The interior is my favorite part. The exterior wasn’t really my thing, however seeing it in this clip makes me appreciate the hard work that went into it. It does look incredible.