A Mattress That Makes It Easier To Cuddle



With its genius construction, the Cuddle Mattress promises to allow night cuddling without risking a dreaded dead arm.

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It comprises a single foam block central portion for the body, and ten slats at the top and ten at the bottom, allowing for arms and feet to dip in.


The Cuddle Mattress (Love Mattress) concept was designed back in 2007 by Mehdi Mojtabavi as a personal project. Soon after winning the red dot design award in the same year, the Cuddle Mattress started gaining lots of publicity all over the world!

People connected immediately with the idea and we realized that this might be the solution for a very common problem.


When you cuddle or snuggle, or even just sleep on your side, there won’t be any extra pressure on your arm.You can even put your feet in between the slats if you sleep on your stomach.

Part of this comfort is because the Cuddle Mattress keeps your spine straighter than conventional mattresses do. Your shoulder is at a natural angle between the slats which lets your spine stay straight.