Inside Sweden’s 16 Foot Gigantic Solar Egg Sauna



Moving homes can be a tough adjustment, but moving an entire town? In Kiruna, Sweden, an entire community is being forced to move due to ground complications caused by a nearby ore mine.

source/image : Great Big Story

During this potentially chaotic time, residents are being brought together by the Solar Egg, a cozy sauna created to serve as a think tank. The social sculpture has become an escape, a place to gather, connect and brainstorm ideas.

source/image : Great Big Story

The exterior is clad in gold-plated steel panels which reflect and refract the landscape and establish a natural topography with the icy surroundings.

source/image : bigertbergstrom

The sauna is a unique work of art in the shape of a golden egg covered in mirrors that reflect the surroundings. Its size is impressive: 5 metres tall and 4 metres wide.


It takes its inspiration from the far north of Sweden, where light conditions change completely with the seasons, from round-the-clock darkness in winter to the Midnight Sun in summer.

The interior has been constructed using traditional materials including soft pine wood panelling, with benches made with aspen arranged around a heart-shaped, iron cast and stone, wood burning sauna stove.

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