Inside The Eerie Wreckage Of The Costa Concordia Four Years After It Sunk



Rusted and rotting, these ghostly photographs show the brittle remains of the Costa Concordia – the once grandiose cruise liner that sank off the coast of Italy in 2012, killing 32 people.

The luxury liner, which was carrying 4,200 passengers at the time, ran aground off the island of Giglio after an ill-judged ‘salute’ by the ship’s captain.

Inside the ship’s theatre, only the metal supports of what were once comfortable seats remain, while the stage is in pieces and speakers are covered with rust.


The inside of the Costa Concordia, four years after the deadly disaster, is covered in bright green and blue coral and moss.


Sea plants are seen over the walls and ceiling of one of the ship’s entertainment rooms, which once hosted thousands of people


Pieces of the ship’s interior can be seen rotting and rusting after it smashed into a rock and sank in 2012 while off the coast of Italy


Hundreds of pieces of debris are seen in one of the ship’s rooms, while wiring, left untouched since the ship grounded, hang down


Grime and other sea debris hang from the ship’s support frames inside what was once the ship’s casino room

For more than three years the doomed ship lay on its side where it had crashed, a chilling reminder of the 32 lives lost.

These stunning images are contained in a new book, named Concordia, which has been published by White Press, and features photos by Jonathan Danko Kielkowski and words by Christoph Schaden.

The haunting photographs show how corridors once filled with thousands of people have become unrecognisable after the harsh salt water which filled its rooms corroded its interior.

Inside its stairwells, what appears to be coral gives off an illuminating green glow as it spreads over the ceiling, while debris still lies scattered nearby.

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