“Johammer J1” Futuristic Electric Motorcycle With Innovative Energy Technology



Futuristic electric cruiser with innovative energy technology. First series motorcycle with a range of 200 km, developed and manufactured in Austria.


Achieving awesome range doesn’t happen overnight. Everything that benefits our customers on the road is the result of our consistent innovation concept.


A Johammer bike not only looks different, it really has been designed from scratch from the ground up.


The Johammer J1 is hardly the first electric motorbike on the market, but it’s got to be one of the most distinctive. Packed with loads of tech and plenty of stamina, it’s not just good looks.

The battery packs are said to have a useful life of 200,000 km (~4 years) and can be swapped out once they reach their limit, after which the old units can be reused as energy storage for other uses for “up to 20 years,” and can then be recycled.