Katie Sunshine Knows How To Hula-Hoop With Paint And She’s Having A Blast



Katie Sunshine is unmistakably having a ton of fun, doing what she adores and doing it with style. Katie is phenomenal at hula-hooping, and she cherishes workmanship so she chose to join the two in this extremely fascinating video! You’ll need to attempt this for yourself at home, ensured.

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She begins by boring a few openings into a wide hula-loop, before filling it with shaded paint. Beginning off with one shading, she then continues to include another and another and another until she has a complete show-stopper.

Katie Sunshine’s Paint Hoop

To do this everything you need is somebody who can really hula-circle, some paint, some wooden stands and huge sheets of paper. The rest is dependent upon you. Turn your approach to making your own one of a kind showstopper, it is simpler than it looks and you could do it without anyone’s help at home also. What an extraordinary approach to end the weekend with companions!