Lioness Tries To Eat Zebra Striped Toddler At Oregon Zoo!



A lioness at Oregon Zoo was recorded lurching for what it most likely accepted was a blameless infant zebra. Too bad, the high contrast striped “zebra” was really a one-year-old kid and there was a weighty sheet of glass between the two. In a video that now has near 12 million views on YouTube, little Jack Baltzor is seen getting a charge out of a trek to the zoo. As he sits with his back to the lion fenced in area, wearing high contrast stripes and willfully ignorant of the scene he is making, a lioness more than once endeavors to get through the glass for a speedy nibble.

Lioness tries to eat baby at the zoo

The African lioness, warmly known as Kya, can be seen extending her mouth in preparation for a chomp, just to be crushed on numerous occasions by the fortified glass divider in the middle of her and her prey. Jack remains superbly puzzled all through, notwithstanding when he swings to confront the whipping lioness. His mom Heather Baltzor is heard urging him to say, “Hey, kitty.” This incites much tittering from the family behind the camera.