Logger Runs For His Life As Massive Tree Starts Falling Apart..WOW



This is the heart-stopping moment a logger was forced to run for his life when the tree he was cutting started to split vertically.The footage begins by showing the man at the side of the white fir in a forest, with the chainsaw already lodged in the bark.

He begins to chip away at the tree, disappearing around the back, before re-appearing in front of the camera. It is then that a huge chunk of the trunk comes loose right in front of him, starting to split vertically.

Tree Starts Falling Apart

The man realises that it’s about to go, and leaving the chainsaw still switched on, he makes his escape.

But with no idea which way the tree was going to crash to the ground, he darts one way, and then the other, hoping the choice he has made is a good one.

The tree comes crashing down in huge sections, and the lumberjack disappears from the camera. It is unknown if he suffered any injuries from the incident, that is believed was filmed in the US.

When a tree splits vertically it is known as a ‘barber chair’.