Maiden Flight Of GIGANTIC Rc B-52 – But Now They Have To Land It



This is one of those recordings that may make your jaw drop. You’ll presumably impart our insight when you consider it, to be this is one of the greatest RCs we’ve seen to date. Likewise, it’s a B-52 which improves this even. Regardless of whether you’re into the RC side interest world, this ought to at present be really great to you.


Albeit the greater part of you do welcome the measure of work and flying capacity it takes to make these things turn into a the truth, it’s occasionally irritating to hear they naysayers. Individuals that call these things “toys” have no clue what they’re discussing, so please cease from saying that on the off chance that you can.

Giant B-52 model airplane flight

This B-52 took years to make and despite the fact that we don’t have much data about this specific one, we saw another which was somewhat littler. They fellow reported the whole procedure and said that the entire model cost him over $60,000! At last, the arrival was close faultless. The person set her down as delicately as could be expected under the circumstances and the entire operation was a win. Notice his companion toward the end of the video however. At the point when the camera works out to demonstrate the arrival, you can see the person in the cap holding his head despite the fact that everything was solid. Can’t point the finger at him however. You’d be strained as well on the off chance that you had all that work and cash in question.

credit (innamag)