Man-made Sand Hill ‘Monte Kaolino’ Is a 120-Meter-Tall Sand Dune In Germany



Monte Kaolino is a 120-meter-tall sand dune in Germany. It is covered in 35 million tons of sand.


image credit : mcg-luftbild

The area had a mine a long time ago. Workers extracted minerals from the sand-clay mixture.Then, they threw the rest of the clay into a pile because they did not need the sand.


image credit: hirchhenhotels

The sand hill got bigger and bigger. Now, people enjoy many activities, like sand skiing, sandboarding, and more.


image credit: Panorimo

By the 1950s the pile of sand had grown large enough that people experimented skiing on it and in 1956 a ski club was formed.


Unique for this hill, skiing is done directly on the sand and as a result, its operating season is inverse with ski areas elsewhere – it only opens in summer, even though the area does snow in winter.

The park’s real attraction is the sand hill itself, which rises nearly 400 feet. Visitors can pay to take a tracked lift to the top (2.50 euros for adults, 1.50 euros for children).