Meet Britain’s Bendiest Woman.You’ll Be Amazed At What This Girl Can Do!



Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were dumbfounded over one of the UK’s bendiest women.


The 22-year-old acrobat demonstrated the Marinelli Bend by grabbing hold of a padded pole with her mouth and then her body bent back on itself with her feet hanging over her head.

She said of doing the move: “It is very rare.”

Claudia Hughes is one of only a handful of people able to perform the tricky Marinelli move which involves gripping onto a piece of leather with her mouth and flipping her body over her head.

While her parents hoped that their daughter would pursue a career in accountancy or perhaps nursing, Claudia had other ideas and graduated last year with a degree in circus and contortion. She’s here to show off some of her signature moves (and help us with the washing up, obviously).