Meet Valya Romanova: The Hottest Physician’s Assistant You’ve Ever Seen



When gorgeous Russian native Valya Romanova isn’t sizzling up spreads as a model, she is saving lives as a physician’s assistant, in operating rooms assisting surgeons. What a catch.


Valya Romanova is not only a scorching hot model that she is also a physician’s assistant so when she’s not in front of the camera she’s in the operating room assisting doctors in surgery.


Recently Valya was on the cover of FHM Indonesia for their July issue and was signed as the fashion ambassador for Pascale Swimwear. She also won first place as Miss Tampa in the International Bikini Model Search.

And if that wasn’t enough she has also won Jackire’s Spring Break Bash & Bikini, Ticket Chick Miami 2015 and Miss Charisma 2014.


Originally from Penza, Russia, Valya relocated to the United States where she studied medicine and holds a Masters with Honors in Physician Assistance having completed her surgical residency at John Hopkins Hospital.


You can keep up with Valya on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You know, in case you’re ever in need of some really sexy medical attention.

via brobible