Modern Emergency First Aid Kits Can Help Untrained Civilians Save Lives



Mobilize Rescue Systems is transforming bystander administered first aid, forever. Because of the unique integration of modern medical supplies with an innovative app, the Mobilize Rescue System will empower bystanders to respond to an emergency while they wait for professional responders to arrive.

Bystander initiated first aid can save lives while the professionals are en route.That’s why we developed the Mobilize Rescue System: an interactive first aid system that includes the knowledge and equipment untrained bystanders need to lend a hand during unexpected medical emergencies.

The interactive app runs an assessment-based algorithm to locate the most serious problems first. The app directs the bystander to find the proper equipment and then provides step-by-step instructions on how to manage the medical emergency.


Modern emergency medical supplies to manage severe bleeding, allergic reactions, cardiac arrest & more.The app corresponds with the medical equipment which are labeled and color coded for easy location and recognition.