Money Hungry Gold Digger Prank EXPOSED In Front Of A Sheikh !!



Vitalyz is the boss of Youtube with his witty pranks and some very un-somber kind of videos this guy can do all sorts of things in almost every situation and come out of it neat and clean. He is the man who has got all kinds of ways to produce the best and highly watched pranks on Youtube.


He is the man; there is no praise worthy of his comic nature in his videos, though not sure if he is actually doing it the right way or if he fakes a bit of it. He has been doing a number of gold diiggerpranks in fact he initiated quite a few himself, this time his gold digger pranks goes up to owning a camel which is hilarious and cool at the same time.

This chic comes towards the sea right towards the guy holding down a camel and asks him maybe if she can take a selfie with it or something like it when the prankster approaches her with this amazing Arab accent.

When he is up to something he makes sure he does the best. Now he got the girl a bit scared and then with his wit he got her luring in too his prey trap where she agreed to go on a ride with him on the camel. So sad when he says he doesn’t take camel diggers with her and gives her a bottle of camel milk to calm herself down.