Morgan EV3 Electric 3-Wheeler Concept Is Finally Going Into Production



The Morgan EV3, looking at the world of zero emissions motoring from an entirely different perspective. ‘What if an all-electric vehicle was bespoke made, hand crafted and exhilarating to drive?’ The EV3 embraces new technology, delivers responsible driving excitement and continues to celebrate traditional British motor manufacturing.

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Following a soft launch of the Phase 1 EV3 mule vehicle in 2015, Morgan is excited to showcase the final ‘pre-production phase’ car which reveals the restyled body and interior. Weighing less than 500kg, the all-electric 3 Wheeler has a range of 150 miles.

text: morgan / image:  Carfection 

The EV3 challenges the world of zero emissions motoring, what if an all-electric vehicle was bespoke, hand crafted and exhilarating to drive? Weighing less than 500kg, the EV3 will have a range of 150 miles, a 0-62mph time of less than 9 seconds and a top speed of 90mph.


Encased within the tubular space frame chassis is a 20KWh Lithium battery and a liquid cooled 46kW motor driving the rear wheel.EV3 production will start in late 2018 at the Morgan Pickersleigh Road factory. Morgan is yet to confirm pricing, but has previously told Autocar that the EV3 will be “comparable” with the 3 Wheeler, which currently costs from £31,140.

The EV3 is the first Morgan vehicle to utilise composite carbon panels in its body construction. The carbon bonnet, tonneau cover and side pods are made in the UK, and much like the remaining aluminium panels, are hand worked over an ash wood frame.

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