Motorcyclist Hits Deer Just After Passing Motorcycle License Test ..!



Can you imagine coming home from passing your motorcycle test and having a run in like this? Luckily he was able to slow down enough that both he and the deer were probably more shaken up than injured.  If you live in deer country share this around with your friends and stay alert out there.Lamentably for this rider, that is the place the energy ceased in light of the fact that very quickly after his test, his reality truly came slamming down.

Motorcycle Hits Deer!

We ride along as the moto vlogger flips on his camera to let us know about how the test went when, out of the blue, he’s welcomed by a deer who needed to sprint over the parkway.Fortunately, it doesn’t resemble the deer did an excessive amount of harm outside of almost giving the rider a heart assault, however that still would leave a terrible taste in our mouth to begin off an existence of riding.