Mountain Lion filmed Attacking Doberman… Dog Lives !



Dobermans – or should that be Dobermen – are big strong dogs. So big and strong are they that they’re often used as guard dogs. You wouldn’t want one to catch you trying to burglarize its owner’s home, that’s for sure. But they’re no match for certain other animals… Like mountain lions.Cougars can take down even the biggest dogs with ease. As you’re about to see…

Mountain lion attacking doberman

Now, don’t worry, the dog here survives. It’s badly hurt, needing more than sixty stitches, but it was okay in the end. After the attack, the poor dog’s Californian owners learned a very valuable lesson about tethering their dog outside in an apex predator environment (ie, it’s not a good idea…).

If they have to be outside, they shouldn’t be chained up or on their own. A cougar could still probably take down two dogs, but it’s a much tougher ask and as such, less appealing to it.