Mystery Of Nazi Swastikas In A German Forest Went Unnoticed For Decades



For decade, this swastika of larch trees stood undiscovered in the middle of dense pine forest near the village of Zernikow, about 110 kilometers (68 miles) northeast of Berlin.


After the Nazi symbol was discovered in an aerial photograph in 1992, a scandal broke out that did serious damage to the area’s reputation.


This forest in the Hesse region contained trees forming a swastika and the numerals “1933” the year Hitler came to power that went completely unnoticed until American pilots discovered them in the 1970s.


The larches, unlike the pines, changed color in the fall, first to yellow, then brown. And when they were seen from a certain height, it wasn’t difficult to recognize the pattern they formed.


There were many swastikas in the forests surrounding Berlin until they were removed under Soviet occupation.


No one was sure who had planted the swastika formation and for how long it had grown right under their noses After measured the trees and calculated that they had been planted in the 1930s, just as Hitler was starting to come into power.