Mystical Oasis Town Flourishes in the Middle of the Driest Place on Earth



#1 An Oasis In Peru

There’s a magical, picturesque place of greenery, hotels, shops and even an “oasis library”, which sits in the driest desert on earth. It’s called Huacachina, an oasis town made up of Incas descendants.


#2 Amongst Desert Dunes

The beautiful town is small with 96 residents , and it can be found surrounded by the barren sand dunes of Peru.


#3 An Aerial View

The Huacachina oasis is located 4km from the southern city of Ica, and 300 km south of Lima. The settlement surrounds a peaceful lagoon, which is naturally formed.


#4 A Surreal & Magical Place

At night the town’s lights lend a surreal view of the desert settlement. It’s a peaceful paradise in the center of a harsh desert.


#5 A Tourist Spot

The locals make their living by hosting guests from around the world, and the environment offers much to do like: exploring and climbing wind-sculptured dunes, sailing down the sand slopes on sandboards or dune buggies and watching illuminating sunsets on golden landscapes.


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