No Touch Energy Shield Master Dares This MMA Fighter To Punch Him!



This is the moment a no touch ‘energy shield master’ receives a heavy dose of reality after he invites a professional martial artist to punch him in the face.


When a bloke attempted to go head-to-head with an MMA fighter using nothing but his own “energy shield” as protection, it was only really going to end one way.In the shocking clip, posted to Reddit this week, the energy shield master dares the MMA expert to hit him in the face.

Stuntman Alexandr Litvinenko – aka Alex Lee – a seven-time martial arts champion of Ukraine, proves to be more than a match for the shield of energy.The no touch master struggles to hide his smile after his successful move.


The 36-year-old, who lives in New York, is told his opponent can neutralise the threat of his fist with just the impulse of his hand movements.Face slap: Wearing a black shirt Alexandr strikes out, but his first punch is defended and he is slapped in the face.