Nope It’s Not A Plane Crash,You Got To See The Inside Of It To Believe.!!!



I have seen some crazy houses made out of some very unique materials, but I think this one tops the cake.  It is very rare that you come across an airplane in any other place other than the sky or the airport. Seeing these airplanes would definitely make you do a double take. The reason is because these planes are located in some very strange areas. They were not involved in a plane crash or anything. These planes were converted to be used as something other than a flying transportation vessel. Here are some extremely unique places that use an airplane as their focal point. Some of them are airplane houses, some are airplane bars, but the one thing they have in common is that they’re all awesome!

Boeing 727 House, located in Costa Rica.


You can check into this house, too – this is part of the spectacular Costa Verde Resort.


The interior is nice and cozy too.


Looks extremely warm and inviting.


Nope It’s Not A Plane Crash At All

And the view, well is amazing.


Another Boeing 727 fuselage turned into a cost-effective and energy-efficient house: Jo Ann Ussery’s estate at Benoit, Lake Whittington, Mississippi, USA.


An old Bristol freighter plane converted to “bed and breakfast” – in Otorohanga, New Zealand.


Red Lane’s DC-8 home (originally built for Eastern Airlines in 1960) – now resides in Ashland City, Tenn.


Using wings and other parts of an airplane as very structurally-sound and efficient components of a house.