Old Secret NASA Photos Stolen By A Hacker… Now Uncovered?!



Old Secret NASA Photos Stolen By A Hacker… Now Uncovered?!

NASA is the agency responsible for the space trips and discoveries we hear about on the news. Because of their consistent mentions on social media, it’s hard for them to avoid conspiracy theories spun by people to make the truth either more transparent or hard to grasp.


But this one probably takes the cake. A photo compilation allegedly taken and stolen from NASA which will probably make you think if the conspiracy theories really are speaking the truth. Press play and see for yourself what some hackers were able to dig out from NASA’s closet of secrets.

An unearthed structure? Guess again. Found lodged several feet beneath the ground, this could have been a vessel carrying something from another place to ours. A discovery such as this would spark controversy. But what was about this unknown structure that was so important that it was kept a secret from us?


We apologize in advance for the low resolution of some of these photos. This is the best quality we could find. As you can see most of these photos are very old.

At first, you would think this was a beat-up fuselage from a plane crash incident. But no. If this photo was kept from people, then this might not be your ordinary plane crash debris. This might not even be a plane! What was once a UFO in what appears to be taken by photograph in the snowy mountains is now on the ground but still remains unidentified.

What could this vessel be, who was driving it, and where did it come from?


A fiery comet or meteor blazes across the horizon. This documented shot of yet another UFO brings up a lot of questions: where did it come from? More importantly, where did it land? When you know documented shots like this are kept from you, you know there’s something else going on.

A submarine probes the deep blue and stumbles upon an infrastructure made of rock, bricks, and stone. The way the stones are arranged has a similarity with the Mayan temples or the pyramids in Egypt. But located underwater makes it more intriguing. How did this end up submerged in water? Did they find any signs of life or evidence that it was occupied by living things before it was submerged? They must have found out something. Why else would they keep it a secret?


Hard to make out but if you look closely, this heavily filtered in green photo shows us an infrastructure located in the middle of a mountainous terrain. Such a huge structure left unnoticed by people only means that this can be found in a place where no one usually passes through making it even more suspicious as a secret. What are they keeping from us inside that place?


Zoom in and see how these golden pieces contain a language unknown to man. These have yet to be deciphered probably. Makes you wonder what these would tell us if only we knew how to read it? Could this reveal something bigger than us? Or is this part of the Scriptures we have invested our lives in today? As if this wasn’t a secret already, now we have to find out what the secret within the secret means.


Dark, dingy, and probably wet. A tunnel with smooth rock formations on the walls. There’s a hundred chances that this could be on Earth.

But if this photo was hidden from the eyes of the public, then there’s a very good chance that this subterranean tunnel would not be found here. But why take a picture of a tunnel? Could this have led to somewhere? Or could this be a cave containing something?


A vaulted infrastructure made of metal in an icy landscape. Frozen over how many years? I wonder. Could this have been a part of something that was once alive, in full operation? And if so, what did it do? Appears to have no signs of life but enough to keep it a secret from everyone. Places found in unlikely places such as the icy plains always mean something more than what meets the eye.


An anomaly found and photographed on the side of a cliff or gorge. Rock formations don’t always turn out like this so what could have caused this to happen and show? This could be the result of activities not made by ordinary human beings. Why else would they keep snapshots of these from us?


A trail of anomalies that appear like a gash on the side of a cliff or gorge. Appears to be charred or blackened rock that could be the result of extraterrestrial or supernatural or paranormal events. We have yet to know more about these places documented in photographs but one thing’s for sure: there’s something more to this than what we see.

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