One of the First Bugatti Chirons Gets Unloaded in Monaco



Monaco is known as a playground for the world’s ultra-wealthy, so there’s no better place to draw the eye of the Bugatti Chiron’s potential customers than at a dealer in the tiny city. This clip shows a shining black example of the new hypercar arriving at the showroom. While the 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16 never gets much above an idle, the growl from the exhausts suggests great things at higher revs.


The dark color stands out well on the showroom’s white floor. The chrome trim around the doors and intakes also adds a little bit of bling, and the light blue brake calipers provide a nice flash of color. The same turquoise shade appears inside on the center console and seatbelts. It’s hard to spot many other details inside because the seats and steering wheel have protective coverings. Even the driver wears white gloves to keep the interior immaculate.

BUGATTI CHIRON getting unloaded in Monaco!

How much does the Bugatti Chiron cost?

Another big number: the basic price is €2.4 million.

Bugatti says production will be limited to 500 cars (although there’s surely a little wriggle room on that figure for the odd special edition) and claims to already have advance orders for a third of the production run. No doubt there might be a few more signatures in the order book following the Geneva show.

Don’t be surprised to see an even faster variant along the same lines as the Veyron Super Sport arrive later in the Chiron’s life cycle, although plans for a higher-performance version are yet to be confirmed by Bugatti.