Parts Of Buried Ramses II Temple Discovered In Egypt By German Mission



Egyptian Ministery of Antiquities announced a new discovery at the ancient Heliopolis archaeological site in Matareya area after a quartzite colossus possibly of Ramses II and limestone bust of Seti II have been discovered in Cairo.


The statues were found in parts in the vicinity of the King Ramses II temple in the temple precinct of ancient Heliopolis, also known as “Oun,” by a German-Egyptian archaeological mission led by Dr. Dietrich Raue.

The mission spent five years of excavation at El Matareya, a district in the northern region of Greater Cairo, east of the Nile, in Egypt.


Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled Elanany said that the discovered parts of Ramses II statue will be moved to the Grand Egyptian Museum site to be professionally restored until it being displayed by April 2018 when the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza is expected to be inaugurated.’