People Are Convinced That Beyonce Died In 2000 And Was Replaced By A Clone



A number of internet paranoids seem to have cracked one of the greatest pop mystery of all time.

Apparently, contrary to popular belief, Beyoncé Knowles died back in 2010, and the pop icon that everyone’s been worshipping ever since is nothing more than a cheap knock-off – a clone, Konbini reports.

According to the theory, after Beyoncé popped her clogs, her producers panicked that they were going to miss out on all that ‘Single Ladies’ cash.


Luckily, they’d taken precautions and managed to get their hands on her stem cells, just in case they ever needed a clone.

Good thing they did, as for the last six years (or 16 years, according to some) the singer’s been replaced by an impostor clone without anyone noticing a thing.

Apart from a few keen-eyed Internet warriors who have exposed the whole sordid business to the world, presumably annoying Beyoncé’s producers/genetic dark scientist overlords.

This isn’t your average conspiracy theory, though, because these investigaters have proof.

First of all, Beyoncé’s facial features have actually changed between 2000 and 2016 (even though clones are identical). Secondly, the singer herself has admitted that she has an alter-ego called Sasha Fierce who does things she ‘wouldn’t ordinarily do’.


The cherry on the top of this insidious ice cream is the above video, which is definitely evidence of clone-based mind control, and not simply a woman bored watching basketball, singing to herself.

That’s definitely indisputable proof.

Seriously, with all this technology they definitely have, why couldn’t they have cloned David Bowie or Alan Rickman?

via lifebuzzing