Police Thought They Found Stolen Cars.But, What They Actually Found Was Pretty Scary.



Police Officers Thought They Found Stolen Cars, But What These Actually Are Is Horrifying. Good Luck Sleeping Tonight!

#1 Mysterious Missing Persons Case Resurfaces!

In 1969, John Alva Porter and his friends Nora Duncan and Clebern Hammack were reported missing after last seen driving a 1950 Chevy, unfortunately they were never found. Then a year later, the same situation happened again to three teens driving a 1969 Camaro. Recently what happened with these cases is just as mystifying!


#2 Three Missing Persons Are Found Dead

After 40 years the bodies of the three teenagers, Jimmy Williams, Leah Johnson, and Michael Rios where recently found on the bottom of Foss Lake, Custer County, Oklahoma, inside their Camaro while police divers were conducting training exercises.


#3 The Missing 1950 Chevy is Also Found ..

Then the police found another car, the Chevy containing the bodies of the other three persons missing in 1969..


Police Officers Thought They Found Stolen Cars

#4 Closure of The Mysterious Cases?

Although the families of the victims have some closures with their loved ones now being found, there still remains many question that surrounds their deaths.


#5 Could it Have Been Foul Play?

Due to the “eerily similar fashion” of the demise of individuals in the both cases, investigators and authorities can’t rule out the possibility of foul play. Sadly though, since the tragedies happened so long ago they may never be resolved.