Proof That True Love Is Forever! 15 Couples Whose Photos Show You That Love Is A Fate And Destiny!



Getting older is something that nobody can avoid (except for vampires. Obviously). It happens to us all. But love never grows old. Well ok, maybe it does for some, but not for the loving couples in these pictures.

The pictures seek to remind us that although many things become harder with age (breakdancing. Long-haul flights. Hearing. Throwing tantrums in public. Walking. Sliding on your knees across a dance floor. The list goes on), one thing remains easy, and that’s the ability to love.

Have you and your significant other recreated any pictures from your youth? Then share them in.

1.Married The Girl Of His Dreams, They Met When They Were 3


2.This Couple Recreate Their Wedding Day After 70 Years


3.Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Sharing Same Smiles In 1947 And After 60 Years


Proof That True Love Is Forever! 

4.Grandparents On Their Wedding Day And 60th Anniversary


5.Wife Might Be A Vampire. Almost 20 Years Later, Wearing The Exact Same Dress.


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