Rani The Dog Shows Amazing Fishing Skills By Catching Huge Catfish



Rani the Golden Retriever’s remarkable fisherdog skills are in full display in this video, which shows the dog catching a huge catfish for her owner.

The incredible Golden Retriever has become a social media star after her owner Patty Aguirre, from Mississippi, began sharing videos of Rani’s amazing fishing skills.

In this clip, the dog is filmed hauling in a catfish so large she struggles to keep it under control, as the fish flops around on the wooden deck.

Dog Catches Big Catfish

Rani the Golden Retriever has become an internet star because of her amazing fishing skills. Owner Patty Aguirre, from Mississippi, films her pet pooch dragging an enormous catfish onto the decking.

The fish so large Rani struggles to maintain control as it flops about on the wooden deck.The service dog in training has been filmed catching dozens of different fish and even turtles.

credit (viralspell.com)