Rare Spider Is Found By Chinese Farmer Who Wants To Find a Home For It



A farmer in China has found a rare spider with a disk attached to its abdomen, according to Chinese media.


The man named Li Wenhua, who found the wild spider on his orange farmn his orange farm in Pujiang village near Chengdu, south-west China,he said he planned to sell the precious find for ‘a good price’.


Zhao Li, an insect expert, told a local reporter that the spider was a Chinese hourglass spider and it was highly valuable.


The abdomen of spiders in this genus is abruptly truncated and ends in a hardened disc which is strengthened by a system of ribs and grooves.

They use this to clog the entrance of their 7 to 15 cm deep vertical burrows when threatened,a phenomenon called phragmosis.

The species in this genus are distinguished from each other by the pattern of the abdominal disk, the number of hairs on its seam, and the shape of the spermathecae.