Real Life Angry Birds Attacking Tourists!



Far from their ‘cute and cuddly’ image these birds appear to be more like the feathered fighters seen in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film The Birds.In the amusing scenes people are pecked, attacked with swooping swipes, cameras are nearly crushed and hood-covered kids are divebombed by the birds.

image/text credit: Caters Clips

The incredible footage filmed by Gary Lawson from Ripon, North Yorkshire.The visitors who were crossing through the flock’s nesting grounds felt the wrath of the territorial terns who divebombed and pecked with their ‘needle sharp’ beaks.

image/text credit: Caters Clips

Gary Lawson, 47, from Ripon, North Yorkshire, filmed them at the popular bird-lovers site and believes it shows the naturally aggressive birds in their wild habitat.The father-of-two captured the encounters in two second bursts of slow-motion footage, which reveal hilarious reactions of unsuspecting visitors when they are attacked.


Gary said: ‘Dependent on what stage the bird is at, either sitting on their eggs or rearing young chicks they will defend their nests by attacking you.

‘Once you start getting into the nesting grounds the terns start shouting with their clicking calls, then they start to get up into the sky.’Then when they are hovered above you, they dive down and strike.

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