Ride Shotgun With Superstar Biker At The Rooftops of Gran Canaria



Danny MacAskill’s latest assault on the internet was filmed among the paint-pot houses and azure blue skies of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

We caught up with Danny to find out more about his incredible ride across the rooftops, including those hair-raising, vertigo-inducing POV shots.

I’d say the camera is so versatile, just go ahead and play with it, see what works for you. It’s fun trying to mount it all over the place!

For my general riding I use a lot of straight POV because not many people have seen that angle of trials. I also love trying to find new places for the camera and that’s also the easiest way to avoid jump cuts in your edit. Just switch angles a few times while you’re riding and experiment with new angles. I’d just say play with it and have fun, see what works for you!

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