Rider Almost Falls Off Cliff,Trying To Wheelie Up Onto A Rock..!



This is the heart-stopping moment a daring cyclist nearly falls off a cliff after being thrown from his bike just inches from the edge.Filmed in Utah, the footage shows the moment the man is thrown off his bike after his wheel got caught in a wide crack.A video recorded at Gooseberry Mesa in St George, Utah shows a man cycling with his brother near the cliff face. He jumps several times, but as he goes to perform another one, his front wheel gets caught in the crack – sending him flying.

Rider almost falls off cliff

His accident nearly had fatal consequences. Fortunately, his brother was there to help him unclip himself from the bike as he hung precariously over the edge. Despite the close call, the pair can be heard laughing. Undeterred by his fall, the cyclist get back up and shows off a scrape on his torso before getting on his bike and cycling away.

credit (zockme)