Riese & Muller Load & Packster Bosch Electric Cargo Bikes



These might just be the world’s best front loading cargo bikes. Options include full-suspension, high-speed and tons of cargo carrying options.

Brett Thurber and Karen Wiener, co-founders of The New Wheel, present the features, configuration options and highlights as to why these might just be the world’s best cargo bikes.

One of the recent developments in the electric bike and traditional bicycle world has been the cargo or utility bike.Cargo bikes are designed to carry loads that are larger and heavier than a traditional bicycle can carry like passengers, many bags of groceries, boxes, etc.


Electric cargo bikes offer an additional electric assist to the rider which allows them to carry a heavier load for a longer distance.The electric cargo bike in many cases is a great alternative to driving a car for running errands and commuting to work.

The average person who takes the kids to school, commutes to work, and needs to run errands around town can use this type of bike without getting too tired & sweaty.