Rima Baransi A Young Palestinian Girl Dancing In A Beautiful Spontaneous Way In Trieste, Italy



Passers-by watched in awe as the girl joined the man playing the violin for a stunning impromptu performanceThis is the stunning moment a proud father encourages his daughter to dance with a street entertainer – with a beautiful end result.


The video shows the Palestinian family watching the man playing the violin before a man’s voice begs the girl to join in.And it doesn’t take much encouragement before the girl, dressed in a floaty grey dress, agrees to her father’s suggestion and begins dancing to the music.

Rima Baransi dancing 

Passers-by stopped to watch, enthralled by the spontaneous performance.At the end of the clip, the gathered crowd applauds loudly for the street entertainer and the girl who takes a bow after her performance.

A caption alongside the footage reads: “A minute of happiness and peace to the world.”